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Building Leadership Skills
Building strong leadership skills helps you adopt the proper...

How Can You Build Leadership Skills?!
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Building strong leadership skills is like engineering a finely-tuned automobile - you can't just throw things together and expect a good result!

Build Your Leadership Skills Carefully, One Step at a Time!

Did you know that people who lead strategically resemble fine-tuned machines? By focusing on their strategies, leaders see a bigger picture, they understand the reasons why and recognize the worthiness of elusive opportunities.

Effective leaders make strategic use of and add value to every challenge in four important ways:

1) Thinking through the lessons to be learned in each situation;

2) Leveraging the available sources, imports and exports of energy;

3) Boosting weak, diffused signals and messages of meaning;

4) Sharpening the leading edge of innovative efforts - their people.

What are these attributes of strategic leaders? Let's describe those functions by comparing them with common mechanical devices:

=> Engine - converting one energy source into a greater or more focused source of energy;

=> Pump - concentrating and directing a source of energy in such a way as to provide a focal point for the user of that energy;

=> Processor - manipulation of energy in such a way as to make a value, logic or null based decision to channel that original energy source;

=> Channel - a directing of or being a conduit for energy without adding or enhancing that energy source in any appreciable way;

=> Amplifier - the expansion of energy by using methods of analysis in such a way so as to increase or strengthen the original energy source;

=> Filter - maintaining smooth, stable, unpolluted flows of energy through the cleansing, clarifying process of open and honest communications

=> Catalyst - that which encourages and facilitates speedy, significant course changes or positive actions

=> Transformer - the conversion of energy into another form so as to increase or enhance the magnitude of the original energy source;

=> Synthesizer - combining or composing the elements of an energy source in such a way as to create a new or greater whole form of energy;

=> Carburetor - mixing or combining a supply of energy in such a way as to facilitate a more powerful or effective use of that energy source.


Making skilled use of leadership in these suggested roles could improve, energize and empower the success of your strategic planning process. By being mechanical you could become an instrument which enables energy flows.

Remember energy can not be created and it can not be destroyed. However, energy can be re-directed, converted into new forms or released into the environment and become another form of energy.

You could also think of using these mechanical processes to develop, train and nurture the leadership behaviors, skills and competencies of your people.

"Dreams grow holy put in action;
work grows fair through starry dreaming,
But where each flows on unmingling,
both are fruitless and in vain."

- Adelaide Anne Procter

Are you using your planning process to energize and electrify the commitment of your people to imaginatively exploit the opportunities of change? Leaders help transform dreams into holy action and energizing, empowering work products.

Be that strategic leader who empowers others to be proud of and enjoy the fruits of their labors!

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Leadership skills training & development for creating energy!

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